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Investing in Leadership.

Leadership in machining and drilling large-diameter flanges to CNC tolerances requires commitment on several levels—especially the willingness and foresight to invest in the world’s best machine tools and to build a facility for large-diameter needs. At Carlson Company, that commitment to leadership began in 1958 and today allows us to offer customers a wide range of impressive capabilities.

Metal Working Shop Tulsa

Material Grades.

We work with a variety of carbon, steels, and alloys—far more than the examples listed here. If you have a specialty or rare material you need sourced, give us a call.







ALLOY 20 A182-F5 A182-F304/L A105/N A182-F51/F60 TITANIUM GR. 2 & 12
MONEL 400 A182-F9 A182-F304 H A516 GR.70 A182-F53 ALUMINUM 6061-T6
ALLOY 600 A182-F11 A182-F310 A266 A182-F55
INCONEL 625 A182-F12 A182-F310 H A350 LF1/LF2 A182F44/6Mo
ALLOY 800 A182-F22 A182-F316 L A350LF3 AL-6XN
ALLOY 800 H A182-F91 A182-F316 H A350LF6
ALLOY 800 H/T API 934A-E A182-F317/L A694-F42
INCONEL 825 A182-F321 A694-F46
ALLOY 904 L A182-F321 H A694-F52
HASTELLOY C276 A182-F347 A694-F65
HASTELLOY C276 A182-F347 H A694-F70
NICKEL 200 A707-L3

Our Facilities And Equipment.

Our state-of-the-art, 40,000 square-foot facility is outfitted with 25-ton overhead cranes and manufacturing bay heights of 35’ to handle your heavy and tall jobs. Centrally located in Tulsa, Oklahoma, we’re close to our supplier base, but ideally positioned for shipping anywhere in the U.S. or worldwide.

We have a wide range of manual and CNC machines available to meet your needs, including CNC machining centers ranging in swing from 24” to 111” with live spindle capability. We can machine very heavy, large-diameter flanges or to face and bore parts up to 11’ tall.

We have horizontal and vertical turret lathes capable of machining diameters up to 162” and assorted manual drills with our patented Chord Right Table Indexing System that can accurately drill bolt circles in parts up to the same diameter. Our CNC horizontal rotary table boring mill has a 6” diameter spindle and 55,100 pounds of rotary table capacity.

In short, we have the facilities and equipment to get your job done, and done right.

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U.S. Patent No. 6948720: A Carlson Company Innovation.

One of the best examples of the Carlson Company’s dedication to continuous improvement in our capabilities is the Chord Right CNC Indexing Drill Table. For many years, the job of drilling bolt holes in flanges over 100 inches in diameter and many tons in weight was labor intensive, time consuming and lacking in precision. Tolerance requirements of less than 1/32 per inch were generally unattainable. To meet tighter tolerance specifications for bolt-hole spacing, Jim Carlson developed a revolutionary new drill table that combined a manual radial arm drill with CNC accuracy: the Chord Right.

Receiving a U.S. Patent in 2005, the Chord Right cuts time and increases accuracy by automating the setup process for bolt-hole spacing. The Chord Right raises the standard on how bolt circles are drilled, accepting up to a 20,000-lb balanced load and achieving accuracy up to three decimal places.

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